Veil Designers

Veil Designers


As a company, Bel Aire Bridal strives to create a special treasure for every bride. From glittering tiaras to romantic combs, vintage headwraps to sparkling hair pins, we have a look for you! Bridal veils range from simple ribbon or cut edges and dainty, beaded designs to lace trims and extensively embroidered masterpieces. Our diverse line offers pieces at various price points to accommodate different budgets, as we realize that no two weddings—or brides—are alike!


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Since 1985 LC Bridal Veils has been premiere designer and manufacturer, and one of the largest wholesale suppliers of Bridal Headpieces and Accessories in America.  We thrive on fashion & quality at attractive prices, excellent service and dependability.  And most styles are readily available for immediately delivery.

We showcase our new and top-selling designs at major Bridal Markets – including Chicago, Las Vegas and New York.



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