Bridal Gowns & Alterations in the Eastbay Area

From a young age, most girls dream of their wedding day; it’s a celebration of love, happiness, and all of the wonderful years to come with one’s life partner. Aside from the groom, one of the biggest parts of the wedding is the wedding dress itself – and at Joanna’s Bridal Boutique, we want to help you find the perfect dress.

Located in Danville, CA, we offer collections in an assortment of bridal dresses, wedding accessories, and related dresses, from bridal to bridesmaid to mothers’ to flower girl. We focus on providing our brides with beautiful and unique gowns that flawlessly complement both their wedding’s theme and their individual personality. We offer alteration services on all bridal and related dresses, done in-house at our boutique.

If you’re looking for a specific design, we are able to completely redesign and recreate dresses by adding or removing certain contents of it. We understand that weddings are an expensive endeavor, and as such we want to make our services as affordable as possible – all while providing you with excellent quality of service and dress.